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Resident Life Updates- Community Resources and Local Trips

Community Resources Coordinator Lauren Mata, Cibya Sam, and Veronica Leiva discuss upcoming events including the Spring Fling Carnival on May 21, and Fiona Divecha introduces new Local Trips Coordinator Brandon Tewksbury.

2022 Scholarship Ceremony

The latest class of Riderwood student scholars are honored at this event for their dedication to the community and their own education.

Where Are All the Shopping Carts?

Please be a good neighbor and return your shopping carts to the cart room in your community building. This cart may have had a fun adventure, but we don’t want any more of them wandering off!

Riderwood Administrative Updates (Tuesday, May 17, 2022)

Associate Executive Director Pam Stiner welcomes Resident Services Manager Ellen Lebedow to discuss Mental Health Awareness Month and the importance of good mental health. Then, Fiona Divecha has more tips and tricks for MyErickson, and she previews the Spring Fling Carnival scheduled for this weekend.

Resident Life Updates – Fitness & Wellness (May 2022)

Get the latest news and information from the Riderwood Fitness Team including details on the new Rocksteady boxing class for residents with Parkinson’s, an introduction to new team member James Harris, a look at the new Echelon exercise bikes, and information on the upcoming fitness field day!


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