Riderwood Reporter Newspaper – March 21, 2022

In this week’s issue: the JAM Committee welcome the Capital Blend a capella group this Friday and tickets are on sale Monday & Tuesday (March 21 & 22); the PAC Classical series will present organist David Houston at the beginning of April for a performance of classical pieces; the Riderwood Scholarship campaign is now underway, so find out how you can donate; save the date for the 2022 Riderwood Opportunities Fair on April 8; get a deal at the Treasure Chest Dollar Day Sale on March 23; the SMART program from Harvard University is looking for resident participants looking to learn about stress management and resilience training; the Earth Month Celebration is looking for residents to donate their used jewelry for the sale in April; and resident Ronnie Lowell shares words of thanks for the donations made to help Afghan refugee families.

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